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Suzanne Jacobs

My name is Suzanne Jacobs and I was born in Hammond, IN.
I have been married for 29 years and I have a wonderful 12 year
old son. My husband and I have been coaching Little League and
Babe Ruth Baseball for 28 years and now we have the pleasure
of coaching our son. I have been teaching and working with
children for seven years with the last four years at St. Catherine
of Siena School. I found my love for teaching when I volunteered
at my son’s preschool. As Confucius said, “If you enjoy what you
do, you will never work another day in your life”. That’s how I feel!

                            Lissette Loy

                           I love children. As teachers I believe we are given the
                           opportunity to help children become understanding,
                           responsible, helping and independent. I want children to learn
                           the more they can and become great adults. I get great
                           satisfaction when a child’s eyes light up when they have
                           accomplished something or learn something new, whether it be
                           learning how to tie their shoes on their own or learning how to
                           put sounds together to read a word. It’s a personal pleasure to
                           know that I have a positive influence in a child’s life.

Alejandra Keefe

“The sky is the limit”. I love this expression! And the reason I like
it so much it’s because that’s how I feel about helping and guiding
children in their process of learning new skills and concepts. It’s
nice to see the enthusiasm to learn they all have at this early age,
their curious eyes and hands eager to try and do things on their
own.  As teacher, I strive to give each child the best school
experience they can have and I thank each parent for the
opportunity you are giving me to work with your child.

Nora Acosta

                           My name is Nora Acosta, and I'm a mother of two kids. I chose
                           to work with young children because I enjoy being around
                           them very much and can also give them the help and support
                           they need in their everyday growing and learning. I take my job
                           as a great commitment and opportunity to influence positively
                           the life of every child that attends our school.